Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Originally this blog was started as a warning to other people about the potential problems they might encounter doing business with Lifestyle Pets (aka Allerca). Since that time I've received a surprising amount of correspondence from people who've had legal and financial issues with Simon Carradan (aka Simon Brodie) from many of his previous business schemes, not just Lifestyle Pets.

(Simon, you sure have made a lot of enemies.)

Some of his customers only got fleeced for $4,000 like me, but I've corresponded with people who lost a lot more than that. Sadly, recovering those losses is difficult since Simon Carradan seems to hide the addresses of his companies.

Regardless, I sure hope that the people paying $12,000 to $19,000 for a pair of Carradan Skis have more luck than all the people I've been hearing from.


  1. It seems Brodie/Carradan may now be in Canada. I'm guessing he's trying to avoid the class actions started up against him in the USA.

    There's some more info on Brodie at

  2. I dont know who i hate more, allerca socyopaths who i would kill with all my hate, or someone who pay money for a God creature to be genetically deformed for their taste. If you cannot live with one, accept your limits, dont abuse a poor creature because or you.